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Hanso was able to stay on his feet this time, as it hadn't required as much energy to teleport just himself. His leg spasmed again, though, and the Gallade growled forcefully, flinching slightly as an Excadrill popped up close to him. Who knew how long it would take to--

Hanso's arm-blades sprung out to mid-length in surprise as the Golduck grabbed him and shouted, "Teleport us to those soldiers right now!" Why the rush?! was Hanso's thought as he was about to do as the Golduck said. Just then, though, the Dragonite said, "Wait! Look!" Hanso turned his head to see what the other was talking about. One of the two Gold Tribe members closer to the forest, the Bisharp, was making a sign with his arms: regroup at home base. Home base? Hanso understood the signal, but he knew of no home base for the Gold Tribe after Gold City had been taken over.

"Ugh..." Hanso snapped his glance back to the Mienshao. "A valiant move, General, but not good enough I'm afra-" The Gallade smirked as his Future Sight struck the Sentinel back down before he could finish his sentence.

"I know this will be difficult for you, but you must try. Can you teleport us all to some part of the forest, any part? This should throw the Ancients off, and then we can make our way to some hideout or base or something. I know I ask a lot, but you must try, noble Gold Tribe. We have no time!"

All of them? I'll be exhausted afterwards, Hanso thought to himself. Then the Excadrill said, "Hey, I can help him with teleportation." Hanso raised his eyebrows, wondering how he could help. His unspoken question was answered as, after dispatching some Ancients that had approached, the Excadrill morphed into a Gallade. A Ditto, this one. "Ready to get going?"

"We'll probably faint after this," Hanso warned, grabbing the upper arm of the Ditto-Gallade. There wasn't time to ask for an image of the home base. He sighted along the forest's edge again, picking another place that was more spacious and further from the army of Ancients. "There." Hanso pointed the spot out with one hand. With or without the other Gallade's support, Hanso envisioned the spot in his mind, then gathered energy to teleport the entire group. If there was no interference, then they should all get there safely. This better work, Hanso thought, activating the teleport to move the prisoners.