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Holiday Hop - New Year's Countdown

Another year, and a second chat, but this time, it's about counting down and other discussions. From now until the 31st, and then one day into the new year, let's discuss any New Year's thing, such as your ambitions, wishes, or the big things in life that you look forward to in 2012.

A few things you might want to know

There's a secret prize for chatters!
Your participation in this chat will be rewarded. And if you posted in that other chat, a special present applies…

Don't disrupt a New Year's topic with an irrelevant one.
When people are discussing the new year, follow the conversation. You're free to change the topic anytime to another New Year's subject, but only change the topic to something else entirely if the conversation appears to be slowing down.

PokéCommunity rules apply.
While we'll be pretty lenient with the rules throughout this period, don't abuse it. Severely breaking rules, or doing anything that breaks the rules resulting in breaking the flow of the conversation, will lead to infractions.