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Forest Near Torturehouse

Zane ran forward, Gladius close behind, with three of the Alpha Alliance soldiers nearby as well. Ancients were still in hot pursuit. Zane heard Gladius shout back at him.

"Vigil! I cannot see Penance and the others! But Berserker is still here!" Zane cursed slightly under his breath, and saw Gladius turn to send an Earthquake at Beserker. Beserker was hit by a fissure of it, but managed to regain his footing and continue pursuit. Zane sent a Thunder Wave at Beserker as he motioned for the Alpha Alliance soldiers to continue running. The Thunder Wave hit it's mark, but it didn't slow down Beserker much. Beserker rammed through trees as he viciously pursued them, not relenting for a moment.

Scar, who had recovered now from the attacks, had managed to catch up to Beserker, and shouted at him.

"Beserker!" He yelled. Beserker didn't pay him any mind. Perhaps he didn't hear, or perhaps he didn't want to hear. "BESERKER!" Beserker sighed, and stopped, turning to face the other Sentinel.

"WHAT?!" He yelled. "Can't you see they're getting away?" Scar caught up to Beserker now, and stood next to him.

"Let them." He said quietly.

"What?!" Beserker screamed, fuming.

"Let them. They have nowhere to go."

Beserker looked at the two Gold Tribe members running, as they slowly passed out of sight, until they were no longer able to be seen.



Hazone opened his eyes. They were in the forest's edge now. The Ancients weren't on their pursuit, mainly because they didn't know where they went to. Hazone looked over to the Gallade and the Ditto-Gallade, who were knocked out, or very near it. They had done it. Everyone was teleported to the forest now. Hazone grabbed the Gallade, and rested him over his shoulder.

"Excellent work, you too. Thank you." He said. He turned to the others. "One of your should carry the Ditto. I doubt either are in any condition to run."

For that matter, neither was Hazone, nor many of the other former-prisoners. But they would suck it up for now. It was freedom or death now. Hazone saw patrols of Ancients not too far off. If they lingered, they may be caught. Hazone spoke to the Absol and Golduck.

"We shouldn't remain here. If you may, lead the way to your base. I'm sure the other two Gold Tribe members will be there as well."



Zane looked back for a moment. He was surprised. Beserker had stopped pursuit of them. In fact, nobody was after them anymore.

"Sword and Shield, look. Beserker stopped pursuit." Zane said. His tone was relieved, but also bewildered. Why would they stop pursuit? Zane didn't understand, but he didn't stick around to find out. He continued to moved quickly through the forest. Zane and Gladius would probably arrive in Liberty Town before the others, so they would be clearing a path for them if there were lingering Ancients around.

After a while, Zane noticed a certain bent tree, a sign that Liberty Town was closeby. Soon, they would be in safety. Zane couldn't help but smile. They had rescued the General, about fifteen Alpha Alliance soldiers, and a handful of Gold Tribe members as well. The day kept getting brighter.

It was the final hill now. Right over this one, below in the valley of the forest was Liberty Town, the hidden base of the Alpha Alliance. The rally point. The last symbol of freedom. Home.

Zane climbed up to the top, Gladius close by him, as they finally made it to the top, in view of Liberty Town.

Except for one problem. Zane's expression instantly went dark. Ash and smoke filled the air. Broken objects and remnants of tents flooded the around. Fire was everywhere. Not a single person was in sight.

Liberty Town was completely destroyed.

((OOC Everyone's next post should be about arriving in the same area, overlooking Liberty Town))

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