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Originally Posted by ♪Twiggy♪ View Post

Aaaaaaaaand fixed! Thanks for telling me about that... error. uh oh Cyndy's going to get meeeeeee

Great work on these user bars! And, as you can see, the points total for everyone has been updated. :D I do hope that you can stay around here for, like, forever

New Topic!
What do you think of the outcome of the last poll?
Thank you
And as for topic...

I'm glad Eevee and co, Riolu, Growlithe, Mareep, and Togepi made the cut, because I consider the PMD playable characters great starters

Pichu/Raichu make good starters as well.

Minccino...well, since it's a starter for a 3DS app and not like an actual game where you battle and play and such, I don't really think about it as much as the others.
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