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Penance Malum

Penance opened his eyes slowly and noticed that they had been transported to another part of the forest. Blinking slowly Penance got up and noticed that the Gallade and the Ditto were pretty much out of commission right now.

"Excellent work, you too. Thank you." The General said. He picked up the Gallade and turned to Penance and Calamity. "One of you should carry the Ditto. I doubt either are in any condition to run." Penance nodded his head, "I'm on it General." While Penance couldn't support the Ditto's Gallade form with his own weight, he could do so with his psychic powers. Concentrating for a brief moment Penance's eyes glowed a bright blue as the same color envelped the Ditto's form and lifted him into the air.

Penance noticed the General looking around, no doubt still on the lookout for any ancients. "We shouldn't remain here. If you may, lead the way to your base. I'm sure the other two Gold Tribe members will be there as well."

"Alright everyone." Penance said, "We're going to go to Liberty Town. Just stay close to me and Calamity, the Absol over here, and don't wander off. We should be able to get there in a few minutes." Penance lead the way through the forest, already noticing a landmark or two that showed just how close they were to the temporary city. Penance looked at the General, "Just to let you know General Hazone, General Belas is also in the city. I'm sure he'll want to talk to you once we get there."

Penance made sure to keep a walking pace for the group. They weren't far away and even if an ancient patrol did sneak up on them they would have the soldiers at Liberty Town back them up. Hopefully the soldiers hadn't been tortured too much and could relay any useful information they had learned.

Penance knew exactly where they were now. The trees were thick in this part of the forest but the golduck could tell tell that their destination was right on the other side. "Okay everyone, we're at our destination. Now it's not much now...," Penance said as he made his way through the trees, "but we're..." Penance stopped when he saw Vigil and Sword and Shield, "Vigil! Glad to..." Penance stooped once more as he noticed something else, smoke. Blinking, the golduck walked slowly to where his fellow Gold Tribe members were standing and saw the destruction. Liberty Town was in ruins. Flames engulfed the tents and dead bodies littered the area.

Penance was speechless as he fell to his knees. He was so overwhelmed with stress that the Ditto he had been carrying lost the blue glow surrounding him and fell with a soft thud onto the ground. "H-h-how?" Penance croaked.