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    Gladius Clipeum

    "Sword and Shield, look. Beserker stopped pursuit," Zane said. And he was right. Gladius could not see the massive armor of Berserker, nor hear its angry roar. Its as if, the Silver Tribe simply vanished. Had we really survive a skirmish against the silver tribe? Vigil continued running, and Gladius followed closely behind, with so much questions in his head. Berserker is not the one to simply retreat and fight another day, Gladius thought. He risked a look back to see if the others were following him, but all Gladius could see are trees and bushes and such. He just hoped for the best. Vigil came to a stop after travelling a good distance. He noticed a bent tree, stuck in a weird sixty degree angle. Gladius knew that it was a sure sign that the town is near. He couldn't stop his heart beating quickly.

    Soon enough, they climbed the pea of the final tower. Any moment now, they would see the top of the buildings of the town, and all the citizens. Any moment. Any moment. Any mo-

    "Wait. Where are the buildings?" Gladius asked, or began to ask, when the truth struck him. Smoke arose from the still burning remains of Liberty Town. Gladius could only stare dumbstruck.

    "Vigil! Glad to..." Penance arrived along with the rescued prisoners. As he saw the ruins, he fell to his knees, dropping Replicus with a soft bump. "H-h-how?" Gladius just shook his head.

    "Silver Tribe. I can practically smell the stinky odor of the Silver Tribe members everywhere. This is their doing!" Gladius roared. He was weak, Vigil is weak, and so are the others. They expected none of this. They expected a home, but found fire. Gladius ambled down the hill. He summoned a great water geyser, and used surf to extinguish the fire. Then used Earthquake for another precautionary measure, and to be sure that all fire is gone. It is still hot, but Gladius can't feel it. Everywhere, he saw the remains of his Alpha Alliance comrades. "I knew it was a bad thing to leave the town unprotected! Belas! Where are you?" Gladius shouted, but he heard no answer.

    He fell to the ground face-down, and crying.

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