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    Dear Journal,
    Today I started my journey through Unova with a very jolly Snivy.

    I fought both Bianca and Cheren, winning my first two battles then continued to Professor Juniper's lab to receive a Pokédex.
    After being taught how to catch a Patrat with Mincinno by the Professor I made my way to Accumula Town to hear a speach on Pokémon being enslaved by humans, which then led to a fierce easy battle with some random trainer claiming to hear my Snivy's voice.
    After this weird encounter I got a call via the Xtransciever from my Mom who wasn't far behind to give me my Running Shoes finally.
    I battled with a few more trainers catching myself a wild Lillipup then as I was about to reach Striaton City...
    Bianca caught up with me demanding a battle.
    I was eager to get it over with so my Snivy made quick work which was a shame as he didn't recieve much exp.
    Over at the Dreamyard I picked up a female Panpour then battled Cheren in the Trainer School.
    Whilst training my Panpour I caught myself a rather Timid Patrat then fought Chili.
    Now I was the proud owner of the Trio Badge Fennel a professor and friend of Juniper asked me to find some Dream Mist, but instead I found Team Plasma kicking a defenseless Munna so I helped out earning myself the C-gear and Palpad.Woot
    I then traded my Lillipup and Panpour for a Pikachu and an egg containing Eevee, two Pokémon I will be using on my team.
    I raised my Pikachu from level 2 to 14, after I stored Snivy and Patrat then saved.

    Edit: Dear Journal,
    Today I didn't do much at all except, made my Trio Badge all nice and shiny then caught three different Patrats to trade over a few more eggs for my team and finally hatched my new female modest Eevee.
    On Route 3 I entered in a double battle with Pikachu and Eevee, after Pikachu was level 15 and Eevee is now level 8.