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    Time for update two!


    -Went and did all the Bill stuff, caught Meowth, my new slave and grinded on the trainers down near Vermilion.
    -Boarded the boat, getting in some more levels and an evolution just in time for my rival!

    -He didn't know what hit him when I OHKOd his entire team, well other than Secret Power.
    -Grabbed Cut from the puking captain and headed to the gym, disabling the trap the first time :D

    -Very easy battle, just got Thundershocked by something but in the end, I still annihilated him with Razor Leaf.
    -I grabbed my Bicycle and left for Rock Tunnel, which was pathetically easy despite not having Flash (as I don't see possible in a Solo).
    -Then battled a load of trainers, grabbed my final slave, Vaporeon, and pwned Team Rocket with my fist.

    -Short walk to the gym and after a few naps and paralyzing attacks, I finally claimed my badge from the clutches of women.

    -I went to check out the big tower in Lavender, and guess who I met? Chuck Norris.

    -Oh wait, I meant to say my rival, who sucked just as bad as last time.
    -I climbed the tower, fending off ghosts and ghouls with my CLEEEEEAAAANSE TAAAAAAG!
    -Kill'd dem Snorlaxes, ride mah bike and beat dem trainers all up.
    -Then took on the Fuchsia City gym after claiming Surf and Strength.

    -Poison types just don't take much damage.
    -I climbed up Silph Co, wrecked Team Rocket once again and put Giovanni to shame. Again. After I beat my rival, who was worse than Giovanni.

    -Took on Saffron's gym, which proved to be more of a challenge that the gym leader who got OHKO'd for each of her pokemon.

    -Travelled to Cinnabar, and cleared the dreaded mansion and challenged Blaine to a pokemon battle.

    -Three words.
    And that was where I stopped.

    Frenzy the Venusaur:

    Update Three: The end of Kanto!


    Completed all of the first three Sevii islands, including defeating Moltres for a little experience.
    Went back to Cinnabar, then flew to Viridian to take on the gym leader there, who had his entire team OHKO'd (damage was done by gym trainers)

    I healed up and headed for the Pokemon league with my eight badges, but was interrupted!

    Despite having become considerably tougher, he still proved to be no match for Frenzy.
    I headed into Victory Road, gaining three levels by smashing through a few trainers.
    I completely forgot to prepare for the league, except using my eight rare candies, so I simply had two full restores, three full heals, a max potion and a ton of berries.
    I then managed to completely own Lorelei with five OHKO's.

    Bruno proved to be just as easy, but an unlucky miss against an Onix with Razor Leaf caused me to take a little damage.

    Then was Agatha, not powerful, but her Gengars sure knew how to piss me off with Levitate so I could only use Razor Leaf against them.

    Lance, I majorly struggled against. I used all my healing items except a full restore (phew), and took him down eventually with a ton of Returns.

    Then came the finale. It was me, or my evil rival of doom. His ability severly lacked in comparison to Lance, but there were two troubles I had. The first was Fire Blast. It dealt roughly 150 damage in a single hit, and luckily it missed the second time, so I defeated Charizard. Then came Gyarados, the hellish fiend that continuously ate up Full Restores to waste my time. With a critical Razor Leaf on its last PP, I finally won the battle.

    Frenzy the Venusaur, lv. 90: