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The Golduck spoke to Hazone as they approached what he called Liberty Town. It was heartwarming to know what of the other Generals, General Belas, was there, and thriving.

However, what they came upon was something they did not expect. Hazone watched as the other Gold Tribe members stood silently in remorse, some drawn to tears. He did nothing. In truth, he didn't know what to do.

Liberty Town Ruins

Zane stood in silence on the hilltop overlooking Liberty Town. He said nothing for the longest time as the others began their approach.

"H-h-how?" He heard Penance say.

"I knew it was a bad thing to leave the town unprotected! Belas! Where are you?" Gladius yelled. But there was no response. No one was there. Sure, they had rescued brothers of the Gold Tribe, the General, and even a dozen other soldiers. But in the process, they lost their only remaining home, their friends, and those they swore to protect. The Silver Tribe had hit, and they had hit hard. Zane dared not look in the others eyes as he spoke to them.

"Come on. Let's look for survivors." He said, as he made his way down the hill. The group followed behind him, then split up as they searched for survivors, or anything of comfort. But the deeper they got into the ruins, the more depressing it got. It seemed that nothing remained, nothing but ash, smoke, ruin and despair. Zane sighed as he looked up into the sky. As a member of the Gold Tribe, it was his duty to protect the people of the Alpha Alliance. After Gold City fell, he felt Liberty Town would be his redemption to continue that mission. With it gone, what could he do now? What could he live for, fight for?

Suddenly, Zane spotted something attached to a tree in the distance. It was a paper, attached to the tree by some kind of spike. It was a note. Zane walked up to it and read it.

Gold Tribe, by the time you read this, the Silver Tribe will have already taken Liberty Town. I'm alright. Quite a bit of us managed to escape. Myself and the others who did escape decided on something. If you manage to free General Hazone and the other Gold Tribe members, and if you manage to return here, then it is time. I have sent scouts to all corners of the Alpha Alliance with a simple message: it is time. We have idly watched as our nation succumbed to the tyrannical rule of the Silver Tribe, but no more. With you Gold Tribe at our helm, we of the Alpha Alliance will gather up all of our soldiers in hiding, and regroup. This news will spread like wildfire. With more Gold Tribe members with you now, hope returns. Meet us in one weeks time at the ruins of Poseida Village. From there, we shall gather our full strength, and make our first counter attack. See you on the fields of battle.

General Belas

Zane's hands shook as he read the letter. He yelled for the others.

"Come quickly! I found something!" He yelled. As the others arrived, Zane passed around the letter. As Hazone read it, his eyes widened. A smile crept onto his face.

"Belas sure outdid himself this time..." He said to himself.

"We rest for a bit, then we must move out." Zane said. "Leave all that can be spared behind. When we're ready, we make the long trip to Poseida, and from there, to war." As Zane said this, his voice was invigorated.

The Gold Tribe's freeing of General Hazone will indeed spread like wildfire. Tales will once again be shared about the return of the Gold Tribe. Alpha Alliance soldiers will come out of hiding inspired by this, and maybe even some Gold Tribe members. And once again, the Gold Tribe will be there, right in the front of the battle, ready to fight for the freedom of the Alpha Alliance, ready to die for it.

That's what Zane will fight for. That's what Zane will live for.

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