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    Originally Posted by twocows View Post
    I'm going to take a dangerous position on this. Sure hope it doesn't screw me over when I'm trying to get a job in the future, but I think it needs to be said.

    Age of consent should be abolished. Here's what I think we should do: replace it with some sort of "sex permit." Once you're 18 (or at whatever point most people are out of puberty by), you don't need one, but if you want to have sex before then, you need to undergo a psychological evaluation or something (not face-to-face so as to avoid bias on the part of the examiner). If you're deemed mature enough to handle it, then you're granted the permit. If you get caught doing it without a license, you and your partner are required to do community service.

    Why not?
    Whoa. Asex permit? Seriously? Doesn't the notion of government issued sex-permits seem ridiculous to you? Why should they have any control over your access to sex?

    What is "mature enough"? It's so vague that it'll easily be open to abuse. Not to mention that psychologists can hardly be trusted anyway - everyone has their own agenda.

    The lack of face to face is also a negative, since anyone could fill in the appropriate form and send it in on behalf of a young teenager. Never mind that you won't necessarily avoid bias that way anyway.

    Is there an age restriction on when the evaluation can be taken? If so, wouldn't that just be another form of AoC?

    The whole idea just makes things needlessly more complex. Just lower the AoC laws. If someone wants to have sex, they'll do it, regardless of the laws anyway.

    All this would do is create more trouble for people and more bureaucracy for the government to waste money and time on.
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