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    Originally Posted by twocows View Post
    It's more like a "permission" thing that becomes irrelevant once you're 16. I think it's a fair trade to require evaluation of people who want special privileges before the legal limit. The important thing is letting people below the arbitrary age have some way of showing they're mature enough to handle adult responsibilities.
    Having sex is a privilege now? Using your body the way it was intended require government approval? You don't find that ridiculous at all, to require people to have a sex permit like a drivers license?

    A stringent list of questions would be asked to get an idea of the situation surrounding the request for adult status.

    No, though there would need to be some way to screen out people who were obviously not ready to save on funds.
    That is still very arbitrary, even more so than the current AoC.

    The problem of an arbitrary limit still exists. The problem with laws in general is that you're trying to ascribe arbitrary rules to something as complex as human psychology and behavior (in this case, maturity). This is one case where I feel it has a real negative impact on nearly everyone at some point. I may not have the best solution, but the important thing is that I think there needs to be a dialogue on it, and it's something that doesn't even get discussed because politicians are too worried about their reputations.

    Like I said, I think the most important thing is to talk about the issue and get some ideas up. Most people don't even acknowledge this as a problem, but it definitely causes some very real harm.
    I think you're overstating the importance of this "problem" and then trying to over complicate it. Heck, the presumption that sex is a psychological thing is just too much - when your body is ready, that's it. You don't have to be in a certain state of mind to have sex, or meet anyone's arbitrary standards of maturity - your body just has to be physically mature. It's how everyone ever, since the dawn of humanity, has known someone is ready. Adding anything else just to please whingers is just pointless. It''s how we got into this current situation in the first place.

    Your problem is the different privileges we're afforded by the government based upon age, which you consider arbitrary, correct? Why then do you propose a solution that requires MORE government involvement? In the instance of sex, for instance, I'd rather everyone get married first, but to have the government enforce that would be absolutely ridiculous. Take the government hands out of it, and let families and individuals decide upon what they want to do, how they want to raise their kids, what they'll accept in their communities, etc. What you're proposing is way too much and will actually go against your desires in the end.

    How often do they even enforce AoC laws anyway? It shouldn't even be an issue because there is barely anyone who even cares.

    the restriction against those under-21 drinking actually isn't that bad though - 21 is the age your liver stops developing, iirc. It is the last of all your organs to finish developing.
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