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Gladius Clipeum

"Come on. Let's look for survivors," Vigil said. It's in vain, Gladius thought crying. He could feel not a single soul alive in the ruins. The absence of the bodies does not mean nobody died. It only means that everything is hopeless. Gladius stood up, wiped the tears flowing from his cheeks and followed Vigil's lead. He didn't look back to see whether the others followed. Vigil, him, Penance, Calamity; the four of them took off in hope to rescue their members and in doing so, lost the whole town. Gladius could not comprehend it. He looked around the ruins, looking for a hopeful sign, someone moving, or whimpering. Any sign of life is welcome, but he found none. He saw the limp tail of the Aipom that served him his food few hours ago; it seemed a lifetime already. Vigil shouted something; it looked like he had found something. He summoned everybody around him. He found a letter from General Belas. It read:

Gold Tribe, by the time you read this, the Silver Tribe will have already taken Liberty Town. I'm alright. Quite a bit of us managed to escape. Myself and the others who did escape decided on something. If you manage to free General Hazone and the other Gold Tribe members, and if you manage to return here, then it is time. I have sent scouts to all corners of the Alpha Alliance with a simple message: it is time. We have idly watched as our nation succumbed to the tyrannical rule of the Silver Tribe, but no more. With you Gold Tribe at our helm, we of the Alpha Alliance will gather up all of our soldiers in hiding, and regroup. This news will spread like wildfire. With more Gold Tribe members with you now, hope returns. Meet us in one weeks time at the ruins of Poseida Village. From there, we shall gather our full strength, and make our first counter attack. See you on the fields of battle.

General Belas

"Belas sure outdid himself this time..." Hazone told himself. Gladius could not believe it either. It seemed like a miracle. It looked like Belas and many others survived the attack. He could not believe it.

"We rest for a bit, then we must move out," he heard Vigil said. "Leave all that can be spared behind. When we're ready, we make the long trip to Poseida, and from there, to war." Vigil sounded very renewed. Gladius meanwhile still has some doubts, but he just hoped for the worst. This is not a trap. This is really Belas, mobilizing the entire Alpha Alliance and Gold Tribe army against the Silver Tribe. This time, revenge will finally be given.

Gladius gave a mighty roar in approval. He now have a new mission.

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