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Trade Corner's Official Cloning Thread

1. Only post here to apply to offer or request cloning services.
2. Use the application/request form or else your post will be ignored and deleted.
3A. Do not contact cloners directly until one contacts you first.
3B. Arrange the trade through VMs/PMs.
3C. Once you've been attended to, you should delete your post.
4. Don't abuse this thread. You shouldn't need anymore than 18 trade backs in one day.


Generation VI (X/Y & ORAS)
Aeroblast - 1203 9327 2949 - [click to see availability]
Belldandy - 4699-7283-5972 - [click to see availability]
Cyclone - 2079-8536-2160 - [click to see availability]
Tyrael - 1048 9068 0349 - [click to see availability]
~RNC~ - 0619 4582 7889 - [click to see availability]
Imraan02 - 1778-9743-3324- [click to see availability]

Elements1 - 1263 7361 4137 - [click to see availability] [Last active: Nov 20th]
Ghost Lunis - 1762 2896 5559 [click to see availability] [Last active: Nov 4th]

Application Requirements & Guidelines
1. Must have a reliable & legal way to clone.
2. Must NOT have an infraction for offering hacked Pokémon.
3. Must be an active member of PokéCommunity for at least 6 months, and have at least 100 posts.
4. Must have a trade thread that has been active for a period of 3 months, or have an [Intermediate] trade review thread, or be an established trader.
5. Acceptance is not guaranteed, even if you meet the requirements.

Availability: Provide hours you're available to clone and your timezone.
Friend Code:
Ingame Name:
Cloning Method: Your method of cloning.

Request Guidelines
Pokemon: Which Pokemon you're submitting.
Copies: How many clones you want (within reasonable limits).
Availability: Provide hours you're available to trade and your timezone.
Friend Code: FC
Ingame Name: Your name in the game.

Pokemon: Victini
Copies: 1 copy + original
Availability: Weekends, EST
Friend Code: 1234 5678 9123
IGN: Ash


01.06.16 Accepted Imraan02
12.14.14: Lilith archived old cloning requests (before December 2014) into a hidden thread
11.27.14: Accepted Cyclone
09.20.14: Lilith archived old cloning requests (before July 2014) into a hidden thread
07.12.14: Transferred thread ownership to Lilith
07.08.14: Accepted Champion Lunis
05.20.14: Removed Gen 4 and Gen 5 cloning
04.08.14: Accepted Elements1
01.28.14: Accepted Aeroblast (Seattle)
01.27.14: Accepted Amaura (Dyl-licious)
01.23.14: Updated ~RNC~'s information
12.23.13: Updated ~RNC~'s information
12.13.13: NecrumWarrior retired
09.20.13: Re-added ~RNC~
09.10.13: tabor62 and EV♥ retired
05.06.13: ~RNC~ retired
05.03.13: Accepted NecrumWarrior
04.23.13: Accepted tabor62 and EV♥
09.07.12: Accepted ~RNC~

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