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Maybe instead of grandiose plans for a game that would be a challenge for Nintendo themselves to make, you should try putting those level designing skills (and more importantly, see if you can really manage a project to make a proper game) to the test and make a Super Mario World hack with all-new levels, or something?

Otherwise you're going to be sitting on your thumbs looking for artists (Why does a 3D game need sprite artists instead of texture artists and 3D modellers? What's the difference between a 'mapper' and the level designer?) and someone to program an extensive recreation of the 3D Mario game engine.

You've only provided one worthwhile skill to somebody who wants to put in the effort to develop for your game, so it would probably be a good idea to have something that can show people you know what you're talking about instead of empty ideas and a list of characters and enemies that makes it sound like there's no coherent focus going on. People don't commit themselves to games just because some guy made a story that sounded cool - the story for a Mario game of all things.
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