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Just postin' it here Anti, since it's easier than PMing cause it's all right here.

Move Mechanics

STAB means Same Type Attack Bonus. In other words, if the attack you're using has the same typing as your Pokémon then it'll recieve a 50% boost in attack power for any attack of that type (if a Pokémon is dual-typed then the Pokémon can get STAB for either of the types). To put it in simple terms, think of Celebi. Its two typings are grass and psychic. If you use Energy Ball, a grass type attack, and Psychic in your moveset, you'll recieve a 50% boost for both of those attacks. On the other hand, if you used Earth Power, it would recieve no such boost.

Physical attacks hit the opponent "physically" in a sense, meaning the Pokémon has to use its own body to hit the opponent (other than things like Earthquake or Stone Edge, however for EQ, the Pokémon does technically use its own body to cause an earthquake). If a Pokémon is physically attacking the opponent, they could possibly be hurt by damage from either the Iron Barbs ability, or the Rocky Helmet item, which is one advantage to Special Attacks, and the Physical Attacks in which the Pokémon doesn't actually use their body physically. The Fighting-type is a good example of this due to fighting being physical in nature, most of the Fighting-type attacks are actually physical, meaning the Pokémon can actually touch the opponent in order to hit them. There are exceptions to this, however, such as Focus Blast, which is a Special Attack. You can tell physical attacks by the orange sign with a punch mark next to the attack names.

Rock, Ground, Bug, Fighting, Normal, Flying, Dark, Ghost and Steel are primarily Physical.

Special Attacks are pretty much the other type of attacking move. These are the attacks where the Pokémon doesn't have contact with their opponent physically and rather use things like a Water Gun, or a Thunderbolt they create to hit the opponents. Like Physical Attacks, Special Attacks tend to have certain types where they most commonly appear in. The Water and Electric types are a good example of this, where for both of them, most of their attacks are Special Attacks. You can tell special attacks by the dark blue sign with an oval shape next to the attack names.

Water, Thunder, Fire, Poison, Psychic, Ice, Grass and Dragon are primarily Special.

For every type, there is at least one Physical and at least one Special attack.

Status Moves are different to the other two, because they aren't actually attacks. Most of the time, Status Moves are there to either shorten the opponents lifespan (Toxic, etc), decrease attack power for Physical Attacks (Will-O-Wisp), slow the opponent (Thunder Wave) or put the Pokémon to sleep (Spore, etc). These attacks last throughout the battle unless an item is used, or something along the lines of Aroamatherapy or the Pokémon has Natural Cure. Pokémon can also freeze (stop completely) if they are frozen by an Ice Beam, or something along those lines.

There are other Status Moves which cause temporary effects, which end when the Pokémon is switched out or when an item is used. These either confuse your Pokémon (Confuse Ray, etc), cause an infatuation with the opponent (Attract), slowly drain HP (Leech Seed) or drain HP by giving the opponent a Nightmare when sleeping.

There are also Status Moves which hinder the opponent's ability to attack or stay in the battle, for example, Taunt, Torment, Encore and Perish Song.

The other type of Status Moves are ones like Reflect and Light Screen, which increase the defences (either Defence or Special Defence of your team) and Substitute, which allows you to create a Substitute to take damage for your Pokémon.