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    I've worked on Super Mario Bros. X for quite some time. I was starting to get pretty good at it until I realised that I had too many Power-Ups available. I did make an extremely hard Bonecoaster level with one Power-up and lots of lava based enemies.

    I do actually think that you've gave me something to think about, though. By the way, a level designer is someone who can't 3D map, but tells the mappers what to do. For example, person 1 would tell person 2 that a desert level with lots of Chain Chomps and Cloud Flowers would be a good level for World 2, if you know what I mean.

    I'm having a debate on the other website and I think that Super Mario Bros: The Found Terrains would be a good name. What do people here think? Just so you know, it is meant to be a referrence to the Lost Levels.

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