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    Originally Posted by KoolKat vs. Lucas View Post
    You probably don't know me yet, unless you are one of the mods who annoys me all the time. (Seriously, I sent this thread to Beginner's Showcase and it wasn't approved, because of my past reputation alone. Mods, don't do that. It makes people miss out on a great game!)
    The moderators aren't here to annoy you, they do what they have to. You've had more projects this month than I had in my whole life, and the overall quality of those projects wasn't too high in my opinion, and that just makes the forum organized. If you find them to be annoying, you should think about their reason to act like that.

    Now, anyway, let's get to......
    Your logo really needs work. First off, text drawn with Paint is going to work. You either need to pixel it or just type it with the type tool, which is designed with a purpose. Also, a Shinx head on a letter? I have nothing against creativity, but it doesn't look to good.

    You are a new Trainer, yeah, you get the idea.
    And here I nearly stopped reading.

    The game starts with Oak's intro.
    You're using the same introduction as Pokemon RBYGSC?
    A bit more creativity would be nice...

    Then you go to his lab grab your Shinx and a back door key to the lab, and POOF, there you go on your long journey through the Hyriquo Region defeating new Gyms, (PTCs) and eventually the Pokemon League.
    Why do you go to his lab? Why is his lab in the Hyriquo region? Why do you grab your Shinx? Why a backdoor key to the lab? Why not use the main entrance? Why do you go on a long journey?
    Seriously, this story creates more questions than it answers.
    Idea gotten? Great. Now finally:
    Is this a joke or something?
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