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    Zane Tyrael

    Zane chuckled as he watched the others. Sword and Shield let out a mighty roar, signifying he was ready to fight back. Penance patted him on the back, telling him to calm down, save it for later. Meanwhile, Zane was also delighted at the news. While he didn't show it, it filled him with new found hope that the Gold Tribe was returning. He was filled with pride if he even thought about it. Freedom now had a chance at a comeback.

    After a few minutes of rest, Zane pulled himself together. He looked around him, the Gold Tribe members were brimming with confidence. Yet, he himself kept a serious face on. He turned to his friends, taking a glance at the ruins meanwhile. The damage was extensive, but not as much so as the Silver Tribe would be after Zane and the newly reformed Alpha Alliance finished with them. "Alright, Gold Tribe. We have to get to Poseida Ruins. No more time wasting. As I said before, take as little supplies as possible. Only what you need. Our first true obstacle will be the rainforest. The rainforest is a deep jungle, the only difference would be that it ... well, rains a lot. We'll need rations of food for at least two days, which is approximately how long it will take us to get out of the forest, with the help of the stars." Zane announced to the others. Then, he continued. "The next obstacle is the greatest. The wasteland. We'll need great rations of water, while the wasteland is not too vast, the heat can get to you in a matter of hours. We drink only when we truly need it. Oh, and another thing, the factories in the area are currently under the control of the Silver Tribe. Anybody gets caught by them, we're dead. Steer clear of the factories at all costs." Zane finished. "Follow me." he added, he was sure the others were wondering where he intended to get all these supplies.

    Zane walked over to a burned down house. From the rubble one could tell it had had a red roof and was made of wood. Zane cast some rubble aside, apparently looking for something. Then, he found it: A hidden door. Zane pulled at the handle to reveal a secret room. "The storage room. Emergency supplies." Zane explained, briefly, before jumping down into the room. Some dust flew into the air as he landed. Inside were a variety of supplies: Canned food, to be eaten cold, such as a tin of Basculin meat. Of course, these food only survived because the storage was kept cold. Vents created by Ice-Type Pokemon surged their cold energy there, as a result everything was kept frozen. He called the others. "Take what you need. Water specifically." Zane instructed. He took two cans of Basculin meat, five bottles of water, and a big loaf of bread. The bread and water would easily melt, he thought, it was okay of they were frozen for now.

    When he was done, he stored all his food in a pack and went back outside. Zane then stood by the edge of the village, which was near, and waited for the others to finish preparing so they could move on.
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