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    So far, I'm kind of bugged by the fact that game freak is making us rely on an external feature as something entirely new. This has been going on since the first set of Pokemon games, yes it's a cheap marketing strategy but it apparently works.

    I personally have no use for the Dream World since I just use Pokegen and action replay my ****. From what I've experienced during the first period it was released, however, I just found it to be very cumbersome. The limitations it set were disappointing, not to mention the minigames grew pretty stale and I only consider the flying game to be fun. The fact that you have to use it to legitimately get berries is also cumbersome, especially since the EV-reducing berries are something EVERY competitive battler wants.

    Ultimately, Dream World felt more like a chore than anything fun, I don't really regret leaving it.
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