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    Kenshin Ren

    Kenshin sorta gave her a confused look at her question. "E-Eh? What do you mean by 'getting ahead of yourself'?"

    Kenshin . . . unfortunately isn't very experienced in terms of dating. Just from the confused look on his face. . . it was clear he obviously wasn't trying to pull any sort of trick at all when he asked if he should carry her. Aka, he was genuinely concerned.

    The tone of her voice. . . somehow it made Kenshin's cheeks flush. Apparently her charms were beginning to work on him. "U-u-u-um s-s-s-sure. I'm. . . K-K-Kenshin R-Ren. I'm. . . in Entei dorm. W-What's your n-name?"


    Suddenly, a running Zoroark sorta just appears right in the midst of Valorie's group. He gives a big toothy open mouth smile/grin type thing, his tongue hanging out like Jean Simmons and showing off those sharp pearly whites of his. Such a mischievious looking pokemon in the middle of the students in the day? Was this a good sign? Or a Bad Omen?

    Wait he aint no Absol. Why would people be afraid of him? Oh right. Scary Dark Type Pokemon.

    Then there comes the sound of. . . a grown man laughing like a child in some ways. N is seen walking up to the group, staring up at the Dragonite with a happy look on his face clapping his hands while a Suicune dorm jacket is hanging over one of his shoulders.

    "What a joyous event this has become! Dragonite you have evolved!" he says as he's looking up at Valorie's dragonite, totally just. . . not noticing the others there and waving up at the Dragonite with one arm like some kid saying hi to some close person they are happy to see. "My you look beautiful! Powerful! This is wonderful!~"

    hey look, the king of team plasma and friend of all pokemon has come to pay his respects
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