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    Originally Posted by Raikoh Nadanshy
    i am exited to see this project finish i wanted to work on a game called pokemon world. They will be every game map and pokemon on a single game. I thought it would be interesting to play in orre region to. I was searching for a editor like that. Keep me refresh about your update okay
    Thank you for your support, yeah I have high hopes for this tool myself :D Hopefully, it won't be that buggy.

    Originally Posted by The Author
    Like as previously said by many people, there's already AdvanceMap.
    However, this does seem to be a bit simpler to use, which is why I like it.
    It's basically a more user-friendly version of A-map.
    Great job!
    Thanks, yeah I do hope that this tool has a easier user interface and close to the functionality of AdvanceMap.

    Originally Posted by MissDigitalis
    This is really cool.

    But how do you make a whole map from scratch using the editor?
    Reversing and through the map structure documentation that is lying around, you take those and mess around a bit in a programming language to get what you want. Of course, source code is also available like that for EliteMap

    Anyway, I should post some updates. When I said I continue on this, I actually coded from scratch again because I lost my source code back then when my hard disk crashed and then haven't had time to do much due to Uni.

    But now, the progress from last time is back and here are some new stuff I've added:

    New properties view:
    Free space finder:
    Palette sets:

    I have to say that my day night system is pretty outdated so I'll have to remake it later on as well