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Both Mark and Snype became extremely suprised when they saw Dragonair evolve into a full fledged Dragonite. Mark wasn't used to seeing a Pokemon this huge let alone being so close to one! Mark knew it wasn't easy to have a Dratini evolve all the way to a Dragonite so this must have been one heck of an accomplishment to Valorie. But... Dragonite was so huge. She wouldn't be able to go into smaller buildings like she did before. That could be really troublesome.

The evolved dragon then turned around to face Valorie and quickly flew over and scooped her up. Mark was completely blown away by the force when Dragonite launched herself and rolled backwards.

"W...woah!" Mark yelled out. After a few moments of dizzyness, he looked up at the giant Pokemon in front of him. Well Dragonite was certainly happier now that was for sure.

"! Fully evolved... Geez Val you must be so proud of her. Haha... Seems like only yesterday she was a Dratini!" Mark said, referring to Dragonite. When she was being cradled by Dragonite, Mark couldn't help but think it looked absolutely adorable. Mark gave off a smile up toward Valorie and Dragonite.

"Haha, Your growing fast Dragonite!" Mark complimented. He wondered if she still had the mindset of Valorie being her mother and Mark being her dad. Seeing how evolution can sometimes change a Pokemon's personality. Maybe she matured from that? Mark really wasn't sure what to say to Issac at the moment. He really wasn't sure how to sympathize with him.

Someone else had arrived to congragulate Valorie as well. Mark wasn't familiar with the N at all yet so he assumed he was another friend of Vals. He looked just as young as everyone else but Mark had no idea he was and wasn't aware he worked at the school. He remembered seeing him at HoTa but never really had a conversation with him at all.

Snype took the headpiece of his costume off to get a better look at Dragonite. He felt like a mouse compared to her!

" so uh... Dragonite... does this make me the little brother now and you the bigger sister? Hahaha..." Snype joked, giving off his signature grin.

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