Thread: Development: Porting RS Tile System to Firered
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Old January 1st, 2012 (2:14 AM).
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    Just sorted it out, changes needed are as follows:
    change 080590D4 to 0xFFFFF800
    change 0805A9B0 to 0xFFFFFE00
    change 080590A4, 0809B808, and 0805A97C to 0x1FF
    change 08059A56, 08059A70, 08059A84, 08059ABA, 0807015C, 08059A6C, 08059A80, and 08059AC8 to 0x200.
    Change your amap settings for firered to 40 for tilesetheight and $200 for the block amount for tileset 1. You should be able to insert correctly and the game should load both tilesets correctly.

    Needs more testing though...might be missing some stuff. Oh, and thanks Darthatron for pointing out that 0xFFFFE00 is also -0x280. :p
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