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    Dear Anonymous,

    You're a really nice person. You always give me good advice and good insight. I'm thankful for that. And, I think you're pretty cool. ^^;;

    I was kinda intimidated by you. But you're actually really nice and you're kind of motherly. I don't know how you'd feel if I told you that since I don't really know you, but I appreciate your work and I hope you would take it as a compliment. xD;

    I can't believe you were so different then I thought you were. Things kinda blossomed, and you seemed like an amazingly nice guy. But really, you're just like everyone else. It hurts a little bit.

    I can't tell if you're trying to be badass, or you're just being an (you know - censored :3). Whichever it is, I though what you said was truly uncalled for. Although it helped me become a bit more stronger, because that's just the way I am. I also admit I lost my temper a bit. But it won't happen again. You aren't worth it.