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    Skye frowned a little, looking as though he hadn't expected the move. Inwardly though, he was grinning. He knew what Maxwell was thinking, he could tell based on Katam's move. Bubble could lower speed due to what it did to the fur. It was a very slim chance though and Skye wasn't too worried. He watched Ellie. When she got confused, she got aggressive. And that was always entertaining... and dangerous. Rama trotted over to the boy and plopped by his feet. He knew what was coming next. And Ellie would ream his fur if Skye got hurt because she let herself get hit by a status effect.

    Man, he was already whipped wasn't he?

    Ellie watched the bubbles almost lazily. Then she frowned and gave a soft growl. They were after her! How could they? She didn't want to hurt them! Well she did now, but... With a feral yowl, she reflexively released a burst of Psychic energy to protect herself. The energy spread all around her, almost like a barrier, except the energy was flying toward Katam and his bubbles. The bubbles still hit though, causing her to shake her head irritably and growl at the Tympole. He was back to normal now. And she knew just where to hit him too.

    With an irritated hiss and not realizing she had already fired off a Psychic move, she threw a Shadow Ball.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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