Thread: Development: The 4th gen class split in 3rd gen
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    Originally Posted by Darthatron View Post
    FireRed (US)
    0803ED54: 80 7A
    0803F226: 00 29
    0803F228: 00 D0
    0803F38C: 02 2F
    0803F38E: 00 DB
    0803F394: 01 28
    0803F396: 00 D0
    EDIT: Literally no testing was done for the FireRed port. So someone should test it and let me know if it breaks everything. But I really don't see that happening...
    I did a very quick test. And it has the opposite bug that my original code did. The physical attacks work fine, the special attacks do no damage at all.

    EDIT: Never Mind. It was a leftover from the old code causing it. My bad.
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