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    Maxwell's eyes widened behind the mask and a large grin appeared on his lips when Skye sent out his Larvesta. Yes, yes, YES! Finally he got to see a Larvesta up close, Maxwell almost drooled at the sight of Volca, what a majestic Bug-type... Or at least it's evolution was. Maxwell chuckled,
    "Ah, Larvesta. The torch pokemon, it lives at the base of volcanoes and defends itself from attackers by shooting fire from it's five antennea which makes it extremely rare and hard to catch." Maxwell made a short pause before continueing on.
    "It's evolution is Volcarona the sun pokemon, which is known to be able to substitute the sun ITSELF at some points, mainly if the air is full of ash. They also create a sea of fire whenever they battle due to their highly flammable scales spreading everywhere as they flap their wings. You could argue that the black spots on their wings represent the black spots on the sun." Maxwell paused yet again.
    "And both of these rare speices of bug pokemon are the only known ones with the Fire/Bug typing. Most trainers would give an arm or a leg to own one, and a bug-mainiac? Oh they'd give even MORE. So I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't jealous of you..." Maxwell looked into Skye's eyes, due to the eyes of the mask, Maxwell's look seemed sharp when it in reality was rather soft and smiling.

    "But enough of my rambling. Shall we start Round 2?" Maxwell said, Wilson just blew out a hard gust from his nose that whipped up a small sand-cloud,
    "Your move Skye." Maxwell said with a chuckle.
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