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Ghost pokemon were dark before it was cool~

Valorie Ryder

Valorie was midway through reassuring Isaac it was alright when a pokemon suddenly entered her visage. What was--oh. A what's his face. She was only really well studied up on dragon pokemon. The Zoroark made a face and Valorie wrinkled her nose a bit. Before she could move on however a familiar voice presented itself. Aww what the--

N had arrived. Valorie just sort of peered down at him with a suspicious look on her face. Dragonite meanwhile shifted to acknowledge N by giving him a funny, mildly confused look all like 'Oh, uh... Thank you... Stranger?' Valorie now realized that sitting in tue arms of a 12 foot tall pokemon made her taller than even the tallest people. Her immediate reaction was that this was awesome. However, the question soon arose of whether riding around on Dragonite all day would come off as just, y'know, compensating.

Regardless, she had become aware of a certain blue jacket. What was N doing with that? It was too small for him... The thought that it was hers was out of her mind. She had thought it stolen and 'misplaced' for good by those jerks. Suicune dorm students really got a bad rap. There were Entei dorm students who were elitist jerks and even Raikou students ironically, like MacKenzie. Nobody paid as much attention to those though. A fleeting thought of Tajikistan and Lugia dorm passed through Valorie's mind before she refocused on the task at hand.

Meanwhile, Dragonite turned her attention to Snype.

Dragonite: "W-what do you mean?"

The joke had apparently flown right over her head. Was she completely aware of her own giant size?

Olivia Wolf

Moving to begin walkig Olivia. Hecked a low-fi looking digital map on the watch-like device on her wrist.

"It's... this way."

She looked off into space in a particular direction before returning her attention to Kenshin.

"Shall we?~"

Olivia just sort of became concerned. Was Kenshin having a /stroke/? Had he had one in the past? That's what would realistically come across someone's mind watching Kenshin stutter so much it sounded like a skipping record. Seriously though, did he need medical attention? It was hard to tell, given the fact that he wasn't displaying any other symptoms. Ultimately she decided to ask, because screw not knowing.

"Are... You alright?"

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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