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After beating my White version, I explored White Forest, Lacunosa Town, Giant Chasm, Route 13, and Route 12.

My White Forest was very empty so I linked up to Black. I liked being able to visit my other game but I'm disappointed over the apparent time limit. I managed to get Abra and Nidoran Male native to my White Forest. Not very good, but I'll connect sometime again soon to replenish my forest.

At Giant Chasm, I caught Kyurem and added it to my team as a flier. It wasn't too difficult to catch. After I used Darkrai to put Kyurem to sleep and in the red zone, I caught Kyurem within 5 Dive balls.

I eventually found myself on Route 12. I beat all the trainers and camped there for like ever. I had to stay on the route so the trainers, once defeated, would stand still. I didn't want them moving and advancing my frames. I RNG abused a good shiny haul, such as Rapidash, Heracross, Pinsir, Cherrim, and Metapod. I couldn't get a good shiny female Combee though.

My team right now is pretty scarce late-game. Not sure if I should do the Hall of Fame again or train something. I boxed my main team and other helpful Pokemon. Now I just run around and beat up trainers with legendary Pokemon.

260th Day: 8 badges : 26 hours
Kyurem Lv. 75
Darkrai Lv. 100