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Originally Posted by link12552
This is looking pretty awesome!

May I ask though, will this by any chance be open-source?

I'm interested in NSE 2.X working as a tile editor, yet I've had problems implementing, or at least finding for that matter the offsets of the tiles...

A simple "Open in NSE" button could be a wonderful addition to this project, as a tile editor, and might take allot of the stress out of the whole import and export thing we've been doing for tile editing.

IDK anyways good luck, this looks really promising
Hehe Thanks so much Your tool sort of inspired me to do this as well For now, I'm not sure if I should make it open source or not, but I do plan to make this tool into a toolchain kinda like EliteMap and add plugins as well :D

Yeah, that would be cool. I could pass the offsets over in the block editor or something.