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Dear A,

the new year just started and like any new year beginning we say happy new year..i hope something change..but seems like i myself need to change somethings about myself..lets see..i didn't talk to G or N lately and they did the same and when we always they gonna say it's my fault however they already know me..i also deserve cuz i hurt S all the time while i shouldn't...M changed a lot sometimes i feel that and then i go back to say i'm just imagining that but what if what i imagine is the truth? but yeah she changed a lot and do lots of things lately that piss me off.

why do we always deal bad with the one who deserve to be treated good?
i don't know beside some other problems i feel like i'm inside a hurrican and i want to get out of there cuz i'm so damn tired and sick of problems.

i need to find a job and need to know what i really want and need to care more about myself and the people who care about me...this is at least something i need to do..sigh,lots of things happening and i find nothing to say thanks for listening lol


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