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    (OOC: BTW Mark, N currently looks like he's close to 20 for PTA purposes o-o)

    Well honestly that was kind of odd. N had met Dragonair just earlier that day and back at Hota. Thankfully N isn't the type to feel offended by that kind of stuff.

    "I must say you've grown quite phenominally. Most Dragonites are all 7 feet and 3 inches tall. It's very rare to see anything taller," N said as he studied Valorie's Dragonite with a hand under his chin. "I'm curious just what the right formula would be to cause such a thing to occur."

    Zoroark just moved towards the Snipe talking to the Dragonite and couldn't help but give a . . . well it sounded somewhat like a snarky laugh, but he couldn't help it. "I don't know who's the little sibling here, you-" and at the word you there was a black smoke like effect before standing in the Zoroark's place was a Sableye. . . that looked exactly like Snype minus the snarky grin on its face, "or the Dragonite." And at the mention of Valorie's Dragonite the dark smoke just appeared again, only now there was a second 12 foot tall Dragonite that looked exactly like Valorie's, only it had the same snarky dark looking Grin that Zoroark had on his face. At another dark smoke effect, Zoroark was back to his true form and. . . laughing. Creepily. "Eeeheheheheheheheheheheh."

    Any chance it's somehow connected to the Zorua pokemon? Judging from the form changing power it just displayed, it's attitude, and some of the similarities between him and a Zorua. . . the answer could very well be yes.

    Kenshin Ren

    Now the flush in Kenshin's cheeks grew just a tint brighter. "U-Um. . . I'm fine! W-Why do you a-ask?"

    It should be very obvious Kenshin looks very nervous to Olivia right now. If anything that's the only thing causing the stutter right now.
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