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    greetings trainers after a big research far and wide of DW pokemon and whole-day-tradings, i finally got all those who are released so far (thx for all the trainees that made it possible btw).

    Today i`m here challenge ANYONE to beat me in a double battle, and if you get defeat me, i`ll trade one DW pokemon (or an egg) that you want. just ask for it before the battle, i`ll see if i have it and it would be the price

    this are my rules:
    .only gen 5 (Black/White)
    .ONLY double battles (triples if you want to make it more interesting)
    .Drizzle complex clause (i think this is how it is named, not sure though)
    .Sleep Clause
    .Hax Clause
    .Item Clause
    .Evasion Clause
    .OHKO clause
    .Uber clause (VGC uber list)
    .Species Clause
    .No ragequit (i wont ragequit either)
    .Lv 100
    .6 vs 6

    and at last but not least, NO HACK allowed (for me hack is an "all 31 IV", "EV bypass", or an imposible move combination. otherwise idc)

    i wont pay excuses if i lose, i`ll keep my word if you get to beat me.
    try not to use trick room cause i secure you it wont even stand a chance, believe me

    i wish you luck and hope you want to battle


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