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(ooc: *facepalm* Oy had a feeling I was off. I gotta look back at the SU's more closely.)

Snype looked over to the Zoroark that was approaching him, joking about the sibling thing. He'd really have to explain that one but he appreciated the playfulness. He wasn't too suprised by the Zoroark's illusion. It happened one time before. "Deja Vu" Snype thought to himself. Afterwards, he transformed into Valorie's Dragonite for a moment before going back to his normal self. Snype joined in on the laughter. It was halloween after all! Snype went all out with his own creepy laugh!

"Kehehehe! I can tell your into the Halloween spirit as well! Name's Snype! After today I won't even have to tell anyone my name! I'll be that well known! Keheheh! Snype said confidently. He was pretty much hinting he was planning something big! Maybe that wasn't such a good idea but darn it he was too excited to hold it in! Especially with a fellow dark type!

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