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Originally Posted by Evil Arms View Post
By, "Create" you mean you want people to post their vectors of the Pokemon girls (Cynthia, Narissa, Dawn, Iris, Erika, etc...)?
Well, technically yes. At least one image is necessary (and it's better not a derpy one), but as an average player I think, more emotial expressions on the same pose would be lovely so she doesn't only react with dialog but also with expressions.
But one image is enough to run everything (so the player can actually see his target) but it would be boring, if it would be ALWAYS the same.

On the other side, the Writer has to think of at least three different statements per relationship milestone to get the character running. But with only three, that could be fast considered as boring too.

(You see, I don't only want to make this game, I want to make it halfway good.)

So, after we recive one of the necessary components (a image or three in character statements/questions per milestone (probaby about six milestones)) we will hold it up until we got the other component/create it by ourselves. Of course the helpful person will be listened in the credits for his/her work.

We also have to think about how the character will react to certain gifts.

Oh, and another thing: I don't want you to post the material here.
PM me. Pictures should be surprises for the players ;P

Also, if you are interested in do some Character Writing, PM me in forehand to get to know the milestones, because I don't want to publish them (yet) because there can be some surprises too. (Maybe they get a spoiler, we will see.)

Also about your suggestions: For what I know about Cynthia yet (with is not much), I think she would be perfect as the third character, since she is the (generic) strong one which would be more difficult to approach.

So when you happen to have more time I would like to see you contributing something ;)

EDIT: Looked Todd up, couldn't remember him. But hey, he has the power to make things better :D
Originally Posted by BulbapediaEP55
This is one of the few 4Kids episodes in which rice balls are referred to properly.
I've just thought about the battle system and I think it would be good if we have different player characters to go with (with different Pokemon), but for now, stick to Brook. Also I'm looking towards weekend, when some thing will be put down on paper (hopefully)
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