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    The premise certainly has my attention. Will the game feature official pokemon or original creations?
    For now, there will be no original Pokémon in the games. However, we do aspire to implement alternate forms and maybe alternatively colored Pokémon.

    Wowww, you are rocking those tiles! The overworlds look clean and greatly put together, the designs for the PokeCenter and PokeMart are quite beautiful, mainly everything that has to do with pixel art looks like it took real effort. The logo is quite nice, and the legend is very imaginative. It looks like everything in this game is in 1st place, just like Forever Lost! I'm looking forward to more things for this game! Good luck, Dewitty and Abnegation!
    Thank you!

    The white glow for the logo is low quality - is that because of the gif file? I'm guessing so right?

    The animation is so slick. Looks like it will be very smooth. How come you picked that pokemon? Is he connected to the story somehow?
    Yes, it looks better in-game. The Pokémon is indeed related to the story. The prologue speaks about a "lion-like creature". This refers to Entei.

    Right when I saw the creator of this game, I knew that this game will be worth to play. You held up to the deal .

    Just one question with Entei, will the other 2/3s of the trio be involved, or no?
    Haha, I feel flattered. Yes, the other two will be involved aswell.