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Hi! Some news!

The tool writing proceed very well, and i insert NARC File support(Loading is Ok, but i have problem regarding saving part...)
But the most important thing is the reimplementation of Texture Viewing. I can load almost every NDS Maps with texture(without changing materials.txt every time). There're some problem regarding certain texture, but i wish to fix them soon.
A question:
I can make an alpha right now, but you can't edit directly maps into narc(You can try either, but is buggy...). If you open single maps file instead, the editing function works(It's identically at Npre 1.0 code).
You wanna a "preview beta" or not?
Give me your response, it's very important! :)

At the end, some screen.

--- DPP Map Rendering.

--- HGSS Map Rendering

--- BW Map Rendering