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    Zane Tyrael

    As Zane waited for the others, a Breloom limped over to him. He looked injured. As did some others. It was then that Zane realized he may have been a little hasty in going. There were still injured members. Before he could say that the Breloom needed some assistance, he talked. “First off I am Kivir Sveenis and thank you for rescuing me from the prison. I come before you because I believe this course of action you are taking is a mistake. I feel like more patience should be applied and the situation carefully analyzed for two main reasons. First is the fact that the note was left in the open like that… how do we know the note came from the General and if it did come from the General, how do we know that the enemy did not read it as well? If the enemy knows or created this plan is it not possible that the note will lead us to our deaths?

    Second I feel the plan was made in frustration and anger and even if the gathering itself is not a trap it could be the wrong move. Even when the Gold Tribe and Alpha Alliance were at full strength and had the advantage of the defensive position, the Silver Tribe destroyed both forces and took over the land. So what hope does a shattered force of remaining Gold Tribe and Alpha Alliance members have in defeating a superior enemy who has the defensive advantage? I am missing many facts and knowledge about this war, but from what I have seen and heard I feel like this decision is a rash one made in anger and frustration at losing this foothold.” the Breloom, Kivir, said. Zane stared at him for a moment, wondering what to say. Finally, he placed his hand on his brother's shoulder, lightly so as not to hurt him. "Faith, my friend." he said. "It was Belas' handwriting, I am prepared to believe it was him. If not, it would surprise me. You must have more faith in the Alpha Alliance. We will win. This land was ours to begin with, and it shall be ours once more." Zane explained. He was somewhat disappointed by his brother's lack of faith, but he was sure many more had questions of their own. Yes, it seemed suspicious, but Zane was prepared to believe in the Alpha Alliance. If it wasn't Belas who wrote the note, he'd kill whoever had.

    "All those hurt come here!" Zane said. "We'll treat you before we leave!"
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