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Name: Clover Cossinsky
Age: 11
Gender: Female

Personality: This is a girl who doesn't worry about things unless she really has to. She isn't afraid of getting her hands dirty and she keeps up a smile at most times. Somewhat oblivious to others, but not really naive, she can be annoying sometimes when she doesn't really listen to warnings or advice. She is rather handy and knows how to fix many things, like technical stuff, and she knows how to build things, make up fires and pretty much survive. She doesn't really know how to make herself pretty or act as polite as one should in some situations, though. She's been told that looks isn't at all everything and she believes that it's what lies within that counts. She treats pokémon like friends and talks to them as such. In battles, she is quick and creative but doesn't like to put her friends through much pain so she might give up a bit early sometimes.

When interacting with other kids or grown-ups, Clover is talkative and outgoing, even though she tends to not remember details about people very well since she has a mind that cares more about the names of pokémon attacks and how technical things work than about other living people. She can't really help it, that's who she is. Like all people, she can get scared, angry or sad at times, but due to her rather oblivious mindset, she gets over emotional waves rather quickly. She loves the outdoors but only for a little while. Then, she'll get annoyed at the uncomfortability of there not being any machines or automatic things out there. So, were she given the choice, she would rather live inside a large city than on the countryside.

Appearance: Clover is a tiny girl with platina blonde hair that she most of the time tries to keep in a high ponytail. It's so bushy, however, so it tends to fall out and stand in every direction anyways. Her face is kind of chubby - the only chubby part of her. She's got freckles all over her nose and cheeks and bright green eyes that seem to glow at you. For clothing, Clover doesn't dress in a very girly fashion. She wears brown, sturdy boots that fit perfectly even though they look a bit too big for her. They cover her legs almost up to her knees, where gray leggings can be seen instead, until the bright brown brace trousers begin. They look rather large on her and have lots of golden buttons and pockets where she keeps everything and anything. Under that, she wears a long sleeved t-shirt that tends to get dirty pretty often. She has extras with her, in different colors.

For keeping her belongings, she wears a green bag over her shoulder. It looks heavy and large, but that's where Clover's unusual strength shows. She carries it without trouble. Clover hasn't gotten any "womanly features" yet and perhaps never will. She has a round necklace hanging in a thin, black leather band around her neck. It shows a yin-yang symbol in black and white stone. When it gets cold or rainy, she has a thin but well isolated dark green coat with a cap that is usually stuffed into her bag. She keeps pokéballs, both empty and filled, in the many pockets of her braced trousers.

History: Clover was born as the only child in a happy but rather poor family in Nacrene City. The parents of her father lived with them and were the ones who taught her how to have fun in life... until they both died from old age when Clover turned 9. Her parents kept up the cheerful spirit though and she got over the sorrow quite quickly. Mr Cossinsky was a caretaker at the local school and on top of that he often helped out at construction sites or at garages and workshops. He was a very handy man and he built the Cossinsky's house with his own hands, despite it being very costly. Mrs Cossinsky was working at a flowershop and she loved the outdoors and nature and pokémon and tried to teach Clover about that. But even though the girl learned a lot and came to appreciate wildlife and the nature, she still was more interested in mechanical stuff.

The Cossinsky family was quite poor, like I said, and couldn't really spoil Clover like many other kids in town were. But they gave her as much as they possibly could in terms of love, and one day she told them what they always knew she would say: she wanted to start a pokémon journey and get pokémon of her own to take care of and play with! Her parents didn't have to think for a long time before they agreed, both owning pokémon of their own since long. To remind Clover of that she always had a home to go to, they gave her the yin-yang necklace. It was special to her because she loved the tales about Reshiram and Zekrom. The black dragon had always been her favorite, since it had a more technological air to it than the white dragon had.

Starter Pokémon: Tynamo, male

Legendary Pokémon: Reshiram.


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