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    Originally Posted by Ayutac View Post
    That sounds just like "Maybe Akatsuki would be nice if you know them better". It is simply not thought that way and it would be no cool to change it because plot says so (and happens to make everything easier). Because I just happened to rewatch Season 1, I remember Gatomon stating clearly she was only able to keep the Champion-Lvl up because of immense training (while getting constantly beaten up by Myotismon). You would at least need some Level to let it be as it is. And don't forget the huge penalty for Ultra or Mega level.
    Though that is true, the Digimon games for the DS allow you to stay at whichever step (e.g. Ultimate) you get to and you are never forced to degenerate. When you do degenerate, you keep all the stat gains, you just drop down a step and go back to being level 1. You can actually see the next stage(s) that you can digivolve or degenerate to in the menu system as well. It is pretty balanced in the DS games, but the system may not mesh well with that of Pokemon.

    Depends on the level of complexity Akita would want to put into the game...
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