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    You're missing out on all of the great stuff you could do with the pokes that you have, I think.

    On Dragonite:

    1. Take the damn CB off your Dragonite - you're wasting the DD abilities. Instead, take off some speed evs and some atk evs, and give it def. evs. Defensive Dragonite running Roost, Hurricane, Outrage and DD is monstrous.

    2. Dragonite shouldn't lead. In today's metagame, everything has Ice Beam. :\

    3. Multiscale > All. Multiscale is why Dragonite matters at all. The only thing that I've seen KO Multiscale Dragonite (without the help of Stealth Rock) on a switch in was Icicle Crash on Mamoswine, or a +1 Ice Beam from Genesect.

    4. @PlatinumDude: If you're running MixNite, you might as well run Salamence. :\

    On Magmortar:

    1. Run Infernape instead (as Platinum Dude said).

    Spotty Advice: His version is more legit, but... I love to lead with Band Infernape running Flame Charge, Stone Edge, U-Turn and Mach Punch with max Attack and all the speed EVs - Flame Charge almost always pushes your speed up one level, so very soon, you have a ~500 atk Band Infernape with ridiculous speed. Of course, things like Heatran moot it, so it's best run with a bulky water type like Slowbro or Jellicient so you can switch in when they have something that resists Infernape brought out.

    On Mamoswine:

    Doin' it wrong!!

    Give it max Atk Evs and Speed Evs. Slap a Choice Scarf onto it, Thick Fat, Icicle Crash, Ice Shard (1st priority), Stone Edge and that ridiculous STAB Earthquake.

    This thing will OHKO any and all Dragons (except for Dialga - but that's not even OU) with Icicle Crash. It'll OHKO everything but Multiscale Dragonite or Defensive Haxorus with Ice Shard.

    On Seviper:

    Err, that doesn't look that bad, at all. Except that it's just asking for something to taunt it. (Prankster Whimsicott or Tornadus will be your worst enemy).

    Tbh, there are a bunch of other pokemon who fill this niche a lot better - Thunderwave accomplishes the same thing as glare, Reuniclus is much bulkier Trick abuser, etc etc...

    On Blissey:

    I think the Wish/Heal Bell Combo is a lot better than Softboiled, tbh. Also, don't give it def. evs. No matter how many you give it, it's dying in one hit anyway Just max out on HP and on Spe. Def.

    Also Shuckle is the ultimate troll <3