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    Originally Posted by Maxim View Post
    Will Routes 47/48 be changed to 49/50?

    Routes 47 and 48 are now canon routes.
    Originally Posted by SonicBlazePlatinum View Post
    Routes 47 and 48 could be called Route 47 south/Route 48 south, maybe that could work. By the way since you said you wanted some suggestions for Pokemon Brown I've got some. Maybe adding some of the new Pokemon additions to some of the trainer battles like before the route east of Jaeru City. Like making a trainer in Merson Cave using Larvitar, a trainer in Silk Tunnel having a Cyndaquil, etc. You know to make finding some Pokemon better. Also like Prism are you gonna add mini games, since the only thing to do after the Final Dungeon is the Game Corner and completing the Pokedex. Maybe add day/night too since another Red/Blue hack is doing it.
    Route 47 and 48 exist specifically in HG/SS which is an alternate continuity from Gold and Silver on Gameboy Color. The continuity from the Pokemon games that Brown and Prism borrow from is solely based on the original games, not the remakes or re-releases (such as Yellow or Crystal). Therefore Route 47 / 48 can exist as different routes in Brown/Prism and HG/SS.

    Pokemon like Larvitars might be too tough for Merson Cave, but I see your point. I'm not going to add mini games to Brown, it's just going to be improvements to the game design flaws.