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Dragonite just sort of tilted her head at what Snype said as if puzzled.

Dragonite: "Oh! You're right..."

Dragonite actually sounded confused, as if she'd just noticed the fact that she was really big. It seemed she wasn't all that spatially aware. She was honestly kind of confused as to why anyone was obsessing over this fact. N said something about your average dragonite, but Dragonite's very limited understanding of English did not allow her to understand the number N had given, most especially in feet. Numbers had never been something Valorie had needed to talk about, nor did they have any purpose in battle. Therefore, Dragonite had simply never gotten a chance to learn them. It's not like this is an RPG Video Game or anything! GOSH!

Meanwhile, Valorie looked down at Mark and seemed to consider what he said. She heard something said in a lower tone, but wasn't quite sure she'd heard that right. She guessed she might as well. It wasn't like any of the stores were going to be open for her to buy a new costume, nor did she feel up to it. Having a pokemon without a costume was totally lame though. Perhaps she could get a hat... or ... nah. She gave up. Too much work for something nobody would really pay attention to.

She turned her attention to Isaac, somewhat confused at his question. Why did he think he was going to get expelled? Did this happen often? Was he just one more incident away from the ultimate punishment? She just sort of gave him a funny look.


Shifting her attention to the other boys for a moment before returning it to Isaac she just sort of regarded him with a neutral expression. She certainly didn't seem outraged over the incident. Disappointed over the loss of Dragonite's costume, perhaps, but what else did she have to be mad about? Dragonair had wrecked Raizer pretty hard, and evolution had restored her to perfect health. If there was anything Valorie liked, it was proving herself through battles. Given, if there was anything she hated it was /losing/ a battle. She was an incredibly sore loser, as had been evidenced in the past. There were only certain people she could remotely tolerate losing to. Namely, Selene.

"I guess so..."

The 'As long as he's under control' was implied.

Olivia Wolf

Olivia sort of stared at Kenshin for a brief moment.

"...Well, if you say so."

Olivia hadn't heard someone stutter like that before. She'd seen it in a bunch of movies, but never that bad. Even then she'd also only seen little kids do that. She couldn't help but wonder what was up. Regardless, she resumed leading the way to the local pokemon center, which was inside the building. Her scrapes didn't seem to be bothering her enough to keep her from seeking help on her own. In truth, her hands hurt quite a bit. It was however a pain she could cope with.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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