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    "ok..." Isaac sighed.

    He noticed Valorie wasn't being very angry about the whole thing, and began to wonder if he over reacted. Maybe it was just him turning the issue with Raizer inward on himself. Isaac never wanted to have to punish his pokemon they were his best friends, and that jsut wouldn't feel right.

    "Raizer." Isaac barely said as he tossed out the pokeball.

    Raizer burst out still breathign hard and int he midst of rage.

    "DOWN!" Isaac commanded harshly, but felt ashamed for doing so.

    "Qui!?" {gwah!?} Raizer said shocked by Isaac's order.

    "You shouldn't have even started that battle Raizer. not only was it a stupid match up, but you didn't even bother to wait for me or attempt realize what was going on. That was a trainer's pokemon, and you completely ruined the costume the Dragonair was wearing. You have anythign to say for yourself." Isaac said sternly.

    "...wui...ui qu..." {not really} Raizer mumbled.
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