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    "Oh really now?" the Zoroark asked as he looked at Snype with a slight hint of curiosity in his tone. He enjoyed seeing another pokemon be able to understand his sense of humor, and with a sly grin on his face he took a step closer to both the Snype and the Dragonite all confident. "So. . . you both aren't afraid of ghosts right?"

    And within another use of his illusionary powers, behold, in his place is one of those creepy ghosts much like the RPers would've seen in the Lavender town's ghost tower with that Marrowak mother and all that. . . even though that ghost never appeared in the anime. There were a few ghostly laughs and howls much like you'd hear in the old scooby doo cartoon like the episode they had that space ghost at the airport or like that episode with the island and the normal white sheet type ghost. After about a minute of this he just resumed his normal form and gave a smirk of a grin to both of the pokemon. "What do you think, pretty creepy huh?"

    N just sighed with a smile on his face and shook his head at Zoroark's behavior. He honestly expected it coming from him. He'd known Zoroark's behavior for a long time. Besides, it's Halloween.

    N looked over to the Quilava being reprimanded by his trainer and slowly walked over to the Pokemon. "Perhaps I can help shed some light on this situation."

    He knelt down in front of the Quilava. "Hello there. Your name is Raizer right? My name is N. Would you mind sharing with me what happened?"

    Kenshin Ren

    Kenshin just sorta. . . continued to walk with her to the pokemon center and all that. While Olivia got herself checked at the nurse and all, he just sat in the waiting room alone. . . just sorta worried how things got. And she still hadn't answered his question about what her name was yet. His Dratini however just sorta sat with him. . . getting a few people to start staring at the Dratini for a bit until Kenshin had returned him to his Pokeball.
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