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    Name: Logan Zephrulos

    Age: 13

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Logan is extremely short, standing at a meager 3' 8". He hates the fact that he's the shortest person everywhere he goes, and wears clothing to make him look taller; he always wears platform shoes, and is never seen without his dark green and black trench coat. He wears baggy dark-blue jeans, and wears a variety of graphic t-shirts. His skin is a light tan, and his face is unblemished, except for a small red scar on his left cheek. Logan's eye's are a neon green color, and they seem to be looking at everything at once, darting around and observing, taking in everything and making calculations in his mind. However, at the same time, they seem to be full of life and excitement. Below these eyes are a dash of freckles. Emerald green goggles rest on his forehead.

    Logan has a small round nose, and small pink lips. The tips of his ears are slightly pointed, and it looks like he has no earlobes. Logan's hair is a dark-coffee color, and hangs around and over his ears, concealing the elvin tips. His hair is straight and shiny, almost matted down on the top of his head, and loose towards the sides. His hair covers his forehead, and partially covers his thin eyebrows. He has short legs, and arms that reach just above his knees. Each finger ends in a sharp nail. At his waist is a belt, partially hidden by the trench coat. The belt carries many gadgets; some creations of Logan himself. A small communication device is at the right of the belt, and mechanical arms hang at the left, concealed by the coat. A variety of other mechanical tools and weapons are on that belt. A large steel buckle sits on the center of the belt.

    History: Born in a big city, Logan was born to parents who technically lived in their office. His dad was a scientist and inventor hired by a big company to design and create products for them to sell, and his mother worked as a computer engineer at the same company. Both were very smart and earned a lot of money, but they didn't have the time for Logan. Managing to put up with him and his antics and love for machinery for a few years, when Logan started first grade, he was sent of to a boarding school. Those years before the boarding school were happy for Logan; he would always be with his father, helping around the lab and drawing blueprints for his own machines in his notebook. The boarding school wasn't bad for him either; he made many friends, and got good grades. His teachers quickly realized the potential in the boy, and he was challenged with curriculum from other grades. Logan barreled through it, getting nearly everything right, and quickly grasping the concepts he didn't get. He spent a lot of time in the lab at the school, and made his own creations from his old blueprint book, including a pair of mechanical arms. Logan never felt the homesickness and longing for parental love some other students felt; Logan was right at home with his friends and machines.

    Personality: Quick to speak his mind, and even quicker to think up of a witty comment, Logan is smart, sly, cunning and witty, along with a sarcastic (and sometimes sadistic) sense of humor. Logan is often underestimated by his opponents an rivals, and while he may not look like much, he can usually think his way out of any situation. His brain is stronger than his brawn; he is not strong physically and is pretty slow due to his small legs. Logan is also overtalkative, and though he keeps a few secrets, mostly anything will come out of his mouth. He is usually cheerful, funny, enjoyable and in general good company but on occasion he can snap and really hurt someone's feelings. However, usually when in battles, tough situations, or in the lab, he goes into what he likes to call the 'zen phase', when he focuses only on the task at hand. He becomes cold and calculating, and it seems as if all his emotions have been shut down. After the task is complete, he reverts back to his usual cheery self.

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