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    Team Name: Project SCANDAL
    Hack Name: Pokemon Scandal --LIVE TOUR--
    ROM Base: Fire Red(U)
    Language: English, Mild-Japanese

    Hello everyone! I'm leachim_paloyz15 here, and I bring you a hack that I cannot certify whether I'll be able to finish through time..

    I've been around here on PC since the ages, I've been busy studying the art of hacking by form of tutorials.. and I must say, at least now I can do something or things in hacking.

    I have at least 3 to 4 hacks that have failed to materialize.. That's why this time, before I graduate from college.. I want to at least finish 1 project.

    But that's enough about me..

    This hack, is mainly about a JROCK group, "SCANDAL." And no, they're not the ones who told me to do this. I don't know, I just came up with this idea to fuse/combine all the things that I like into a one single ultimate game.

    "Join SCANDAL as they take part in liberating conquered Japan!"

    The year is 2015, the Japanese archipelago has lost almost
    60% of its initial land area due to a foreign invasion..

    Europe, later changed its name to EUTOPIA, obtained the
    strongest military power accessible to mankind.

    This power was branded as KNIGHT SUITS. PROJECT KNIGHTS
    (プラジクト・ナイトズ), was originally an underground Japanese
    experiment.. To maintain peace and order in their lands..
    Well that was the original plan, but things went out of
    their hands, when a European professor involved in the
    project leaked the information about the research. In a blink
    of an eye, the whole underground facility; destroyed, all
    personnel involved in the project were all but dead, and all
    their gathered information; snatched away...

    You live in the MELMOND AREA, former Japanese territory of
    SHIKOKU, the farthest place that the EUTOPIAN ARMY can reach
    from south. From the north, HOKKAIDO have been conquered as
    well, leaving only the HONSHU region independent.

    SCANDAL, an all-girl Japanese rock band, was very popular
    before the EUTOPIAN INVASION, and even after the historical
    event. You and your friend has always been a big fan of
    SCANDAL.. Even before the sour turn of events.

    A peace treaty that was established, and is supposed to
    cease the hostilities between the two warring nations have
    been agreed and signed on by the two respective leaders..
    That said, all the hostilities should have stopped.. But
    doubt cannot be placed out of the picture...

    With all of these events happening at the same time, what
    would you do?.. Which side will you favor to?.. Will you be
    able to stay on that side?..

    ~Play out to find out!~

    -New Region (*Melmond/Shikoku)
    -Canta (*Yep. It's a feature.)
    -New Characters
    -Collect different Knight Suits, and use them to battle pokemon(*and/or other Knight Suits.)
    -Quite a different story
    -Day & Night System
    -Japanese Music (*I don't know about you guys, but I really like this.)


    The people that are involved in this crazy project are:

    - leachim_paloyz15 - Almost anything I can do.
    - link491 - Tile Specialist(Inserter, Mapper, Creator); Beta Tester
    - amz7250 - Event Designer(Main Events, Mini Events)
    - Jaypub - Signature-Support Banner Creator
    - Tektekk - Music Planner & Remixer; Sound Effects(External Audio Files)
    - AlexTheRose - Mapper + Media(CSS)


    Pokemon Invasion (*Possible Prequel || *Possible New Storyline for Live Tour)

    After a long period of isolation, the Nihon region was finally revealed to the world by explorers from all lands.

    At first these explorers and their people were amazed by the region's greeneries and its rich history.
    Eventually, this "amazement" turned into envy, and jealousy leading to the event branded as "The Invasion."

    Many leaders have tried to claim the Nihon region for their own, but the people's resistance was unmatchable, and was to be feared.

    During "The Invasion", warriors from all of Nihon joined forces to repel the foreigners out of their soil.
    Since then they have trained their people ages sixteen and above both the Art of Pokemon Raising, and the Art of War to secure their lands, and preserve their sovereignty.

    Tomorrow you will be turning 16, but because of the current state of your region, no grand birthday celebration, nor luxurious presents are to be expected. Instead, you will be heading out to train and from then on, strive to become a hero of your land.

    Nihon Region - The combined areas of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, etc.

    *Possible Features:
    - Choose from a variety of clans to join:
    Each clan will provide you a different "Pokemon Partner", and "Equipment."
    - Battle alongside your pokemon.
    - Command Events:
    These are events in which you can command or order other in-game characters depending on the situation.

    - Futuristic Pokemon World



    If you helped me, you'll be with these guys:

    -God- (For the knowledge, and for almost everything else)
    -Astar- (For scripting tutorials, and such, moral support)
    -WesleyFG- (MINIS ROMBase, B&W Tiles, One of my ROMHacking idols)
    -Full Metal - D/P Font
    -Sarcastic Prince[PC]- (For scripting tutorials)
    -link491- (ROMBase, and for the 1st Version Map of Heiwana Town)
    -Jaypub- (Signature Bars, moral support)
    -AlexTheRose - CSS
    -XxXRy0MaEcHiZenXxX - Banner
    -HackMew- (XSE ver 1.0.0, FSF, etc.)
    -Lu-Ho- (Advance Map)
    -and all the people who made the tools that I have used to make this hack possible-

    If you've contributed in any way, but you're not on the list.. PM me.


    --DEMO 2-- (Unedited TitleScreen & Intro)

    Part 1 (.ips)

    Part 2 (Audio Files)

    --> DEMO 2 offers roughly 50 mins. of gameplay.

    - Jaypub - 'Jay' - INSERTED (ACE TRAINER)
    - FoodHeaven - 'Gyu-don' - INSERTED (BUG CATCHER)


    "Join SCANDAL as they take part in liberating conquered Japan!"