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Originally Posted by SuperLaluigi View Post
NameneakyLuigi(my real user name is SuperLaluigi but you can call me that)
Skills:I am sometimes good at mapping but i am asome at edditing pokemon so i rather be a legendary pokemon editor
Proof:I Have Beed Hacking Since January 2011 But I did Not Join Pokecommunity That Time I joined Pokecommunity At November twenty something so i cant post links and i dont know to to post picters so i cant show any proof but after i edit some legendarys i will post you the rom one question if someone pick pokemon editing do they also have to show proof?
Contact (here or pm):pm
Dedication:95.5% monday january 9:85.5% because went to university for cople of years and for this week january 1-9 i have vacation
Upload a picture to Photobucket or some such. You can use the img link it gives you to put on here. Put the link in between these "[ img ][ / img ]", no spaces.

Do that correctly and you get this ribbon:
If ever you're looking for some help in writing a plot/events/etc for a hack or a fan-fic, I wouldn't mind offering some suggestions - Just PM/VM me.