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    Yes sadly there aren't any spots left. Here's my SU!


    Name: Grey Westly Gallarus
    Age: 12
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Energetic and cocky Grey loves a challenge of all sorts no matter what it is. Grey loves to fight and cause trouble for others but more so in a playful manner. He’s a prankster but knows when to stop and apologize if he goes too far. Grey makes friends easily and gets along with pretty much any and everyone besides people who are just plan evil. He has a tendency to talk too much and loves to provoke people in Pokémon battles. Grey is hardheaded and doesn’t know when to quit and is often in over his head. He’s a trustworthy guy and will always have a friend back if they need him no matter what it is. Grey’s not to hardhead to the point as to when he loses he doesn’t accept it, he just learns from his mistakes and moves on. Grey also doesn’t like people who are mean to other and Pokémon if you really want to get on his nerves treat a person or a Pokémon badly. He has a tendency to point out something on a person that seems strange to him which normally gets him into trouble with people normally upsetting them.
    When it comes to Pokémon Grey’s a friend to all no matter what their trainer has made them do. He loves to talk during a Pokémon battle and is rather talented. His quick at making commands and is rather good at strategies. Some of them might seem a bit strange and unorthodox but they get the job done, some of them are rather flashy. He loves Pokémon and wants to become a better trainer than N and the hero.

    Appearance: Grey is a bit taller for someone his age but barely taller than someone his age just a few inches. His hair is a grayish color and isn’t very long. His bangs are swayed to the right and his hair stops at the beginning of his neck and his hair seems to be spiked up a bit in the back. Grey is a slim, muscular boy and usually has a big smile on his face some people could say he’s rather handsome. His eyes are a light orange color and sometimes shine whenever he gets extremely excited or emotional.
    Grey wears a jet black leather jacket over a plan white T-shirt with a black bandanna tied around his neck with it pointing downward to the left. He also wears slim black jeans and black sneakers with white stripes along the sides of them. He also wears a black wrist band with a white pokeball in the middle of it on his right wirst. Grey carries around a black backpack where he keeps extra clothes and probably most of his extra gear.

    History: Grey was born in Nuvema town to a small family of 4 being the eldest and only sibling to a younger sister. Growing up all Grey wanted to do was become a Pokémon trainer but his father’s job moved him around a lot so Grey was unable to get his first Pokémon from Nuvema’s own Professor Juniper. Despite the constant moving Grey’s dream still stayed intact and he spent most of his time learning whatever he could about Pokémon so he would be prepared for the day he did become a Pokémon trainer. He’d watch Pokémon battles on TV or read books or even practice battling with his father’s Pokémon. Grey’s parents offered for the boy to just take one of his father’s Pokémon and start his journey but Grey wanted his first Pokémon from Professor Juniper like the hero did.
    One of the areas Grey lived was attacked by Team Plasma once when they became more violent. Luckily for Grey the hero came a stopped them from doing much damage but after that day it became Grey’s goal to defeat the hero one day and even N himself. He told his parents about this dream and his father decided that he would stay and continue working and finding a way to get back to Nuvema town while he bought a house there and sent Grey, his mother and sister. Now Grey cannot wait to start his Pokémon journey and complete his dream of becoming the best trainer ever and defeating the hero and N one day.

    Starter Pokémon:

    Snivy , Male, Overgrow

    Legendary Pokémon:

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