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    (Okay, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to move things ahead by bunnying everyone except Stingray and Silver Rogue, since they're back.)

    Zane Tyrael

    Zane was done. With some medical supplies and help from some others, he'd treated everyone that had an injury to his full extent. (OOC: That means, everyone who has an injury, post about being treated by Zane) So most could walk now, and those who couldn't were carried. Zane returned his supplies to the First Aid kit and looked at his brothers. "Brothers, now, we set out!" he cried. He was the first one to start walking across the field. the next one to follow was Sword and Shield, then Penance, and so on and so on. They all had the supplies they needed, now it was time to head for Poseida.

    The field was easily crossed. The only Pokemon there were a few friendly Buneary and Lopunny, who even helped treat some of the Gold Tribe's wounds. A few offered their services to the Gold Tribe, which were unfortunately denied. The group didn't need more companions on this trip. The worst was still to come.

    Soon, the group ventured away from the fields. The air started getting far more moist and the trees started becoming bigger the more they crossed land, and everything was starting to get wetter. Before long, the group found themselves in the Rainforest.

    (OOC: After one person, at least one person posts, I'll reveal my character.)
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